Terms and Conditions of Registered Users

I understand that any privileges granted to me as a registered user of the Local Christian Assembly web-site are strictly for my use only. I will act in accordance with all of the guidelines provided here in, knowing that by not doing so, it will result in forfeiture of all privileges including the right of registration. I will with all honesty and integrity act in accordance with the following rules and regulations:

  1. I will not divulge my username and password to anyone at anytime.

  2. I will not print, duplicate or E Mail any of the material that goes forth in any given service.

  3. I will not download a service onto my computer or server in any format; and will not make and distribute DVDs or MP3s of any service.

  4. I will not allow others to view this privileged hook-up without consent from the LCA NY Administrators.

  5. I acknowledge that I am responsible to comply with the aforementioned terms and conditions and by not doing so; will not be allowed further access to The LCA NY Website.